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Attention All eBMX-4 Pre-Order customers!

We’ve taken another huge step to making our electric bmx a reality!

While our internal battery system is still under development we’re implementing a redesigned version with a stealthy battery mounted within the diamond of the frame. This new battery design will also be used in upcoming Prodecotech Titanio and Scorpion models.

We are still working on developing the internal battery but there is a substantial amount of time required before production because of FCC certifications needed for the battery and controller.

eBMX-4 With Diamond-Mounted Battery.

To accommodate the diamond-mounted battery we will have to extend the head-tube by 1 inch. We are beginning to weld the frames for this battery now!

Stay tuned for more dates and details, post any questions below or message us on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/LifeEbikes/