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We just received our redesigned Mag Wheels and there are more on the way.

36v 300W Motor

Front Wheel

Rear Wheel

We also want to go into more detail about the delays. The Samsung SDI partner we were planning to use for our battery packs has had complications with Samsung after Samsung recently closed their office in Chicago. We now are working with a new supplier using LG cells to manufacturer our battery backs. The new diamond-mounted battery pack is now being finalized and should be ready in 6 weeks. The new frames are set to arrive before the batteries. Here’s a message from Prodecotech CEO, Robert Provost.

“The battery system for the BMX has been a challenge. We have worked with the Samsung SDI’s Chicago office for the past 4 years with Samsung SDI being a direct supplier to Prodeco Technologies. Over 2 1/2 years ago we started the eBMX battery project via our inhouse R & D Department. The initial designs were developed by our inhouse design team including CAD design. It was recommended by Samsung SDI we partner with one of their seasoned battery pack developers. We did just that and after 7 months, the supplier chosen was not able to complete the project to our specification which required the controller and battery management system to be combined in a single unit with the battery cells. Further development and time was required to pass all certifications including FCC. It was decided to separate the controller to expediate the process and mount the battery in a newly developed water bottle case onto the frame. The new concept which maintained an incognito look had an added benefit many people involved preferred, it allowed for an easy battery swap/replacement where the original design required the rear wheel be removed to replace the battery. Since completing the design, Samsung SDI has placed an EOL (end of life) on the cell chosen 18650-29E1 for this battery and also closed the Chicago office. Not to delay any longer and hold up production as we are now entering the spring season, we decided to remove the Samsung SDI involvement and instead replace the cells with LG Electronics HG1 Lithium Ion cells. The HG1 cell is considered best in class (3200mAh) cell and will allow us to finally complete the battery system for our eBMX. All other components have been finalized. Attached are images of our new motor wheel set. The slight wheel hub revision allowed Prodeco Technologies to install their proven XF Geared Motor system as an upgrade with no additional cost to the riders.”
Robert Provost
CEO of Prodecotech