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Hello Life EV Pre-Order customers!

First of all I want to thank you all for your patience and enthusiasm about the eBMX-4.

We were scheduled to begin production in August however our R&D team found an issue with our frame design that needed to be corrected. The planned design change will strengthen the frame near the seatpost and is necessary to make the frame a bit more resilient and up to Life EV and Prodecotech quality standards.

In addition, we’re also using a slightly different look for the mag wheels that house the pTech 300W XF Motor.

Lastly, we are redesigning the cap that houses the controller and covers the battery pack at the bottom of the downtube. Prodecotech will CNC each cap out of alloy which will facilitate additional cooling versus the plastic version in the additional design.

These modifications will delay production for at least another 40 days.
We appreciate the enthusiasm and patience (seriously, thank you) of the EBMX-4 pre-order customers and we regret to keep delaying gratification to such an awesome product. It is a necessity to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain Prodecotech’s reputation as of the leading American electric bike manufacturer.