Goals & Status

Capital Raises:

Goal 1: 400,000 Series A Preferred Shares Offering “Seed Investment”

Goal 2: 3,000,000 Series B Preferred Shares Offering “Friends & Family”

Goal 3: 6,300,000 Common Shares Offering “Private Placement & Crowdfund”

1. 6,000,000 PPM
2. 300,000 Crowdfund

Goal 4:
6,000,000 Common Shares Offering “IPO Filing via National Exchange*”
*goal is to be NASDAQ compliant by Oct/Nov 2019


Fall/Winter 2018

Goal: Complete 400,000 Series A Preferred Shares – Status: 100% SOLD

Winter/Spring 2019

Goal: Complete 3,000,000 Series B Preferred Shares – Status: 70% SOLD or Committed

Goal: Purchase Prodeco Technologies via Asset Sale – Status: Closing

Summer/Winter 2019

Goal: Complete 6,000,000 PPM @ $2 per share, total $12,000,000 – Status: Launching

Goal: Complete 300,000 Crowdfund @ $3 per share, total $900,000 – Status: Launching

Winter/Spring 2020

Goal: Complete 6,000,000 IPO @ > $4 per Share, total > $24,000,000 – Status: In Prep

Investor Inquiries

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Key Points of Interest

  • Potential to be a billion dollar company
  • Multiple Patents for Electric Bicycle Technology
  • USA-Based Manufacturing
  • USA-Based Inventory and Customer Service (a rarity in the ebike industry)

Life Electric Vehicles & Prodecotech

Read more about Prodecotech and it's lasting influence in the electric bike industry. Since 2010 Prodecotech has developed, innovated and manufactured electric bikes within the USA. With experience and resources that cannot be found in any other company in the industry.