Incorporate an e-bike into your fitness plan

Linda Durbesson

Hi, my name is Linda Durbesson. I'm originally from Paris France. I have been a personal trainer my whole life but more exactly for 18 years. I have helped thousands of people to get back in shape, from being strong mentally and physically. Showing over the years that anything is possible, with determination, dedication, and drive. By sharing my journey, I have gathered organically more than 7M + people, local and across the world. I have partnered with Life Electric Vehicles, as I have gotten too many orthopedic surgery repairs.

The last one was my knee, and it has been particularly challenging., So part of my recovery was doing outdoor cardio like walking and bicycling. I recently appreciate the use of an e-bike, as I can respectfully get my cardio in while being outdoors, do quick errands avoiding traffic, or getting some sun at the beach with my friends. I don't know about you, but it happens to me, that after a long time under the sun I get tired and going back home on a bicycle was truly a mission.

Other times, it happens the Florida weather was pouring on me, one more time I wished I would go home asap. With the E-bike, I would arrive home faster and less wet. Is it a fact?

I'm so excited to share this new journey on my e-bike with all of you and trust if you try to use the e-bike as a regular bicycle you'll see that it's way heavier than regular ones, and it's much harder to pedal if your gears are on the hardest speed! Come try it and pick the one you like. They have beach cruisers to mountain bike/city hybrid, tricycle (so trendy now and fun too) to enjoy! PS: you can also custom design them - just like they are in making with my color theme and business logo!

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Linda Durbesson

Linda Durbesson Visits Life EV Headquarters

One of our sales team member is demonstrating how to use Life EV electric bike to Linda. She was excited to ride one of our amazing e-bikes.