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Many customers use their e-Bikes for fun, pleasure, exercise and
commuting. Electric bikes do not require gasoline or insurance which provides huge savings over time. They are also great for the environment!

Our e-Bike models are designed with increased water resistance; however, it is important to keep your e-Bike protected from water. You should avoid whenever possible riding your bicycle when raining. Riding a bicycle in the rain is like driving a car in the snow. You will not be able to stop as quickly and must leave a larger distance between you and the obstacles around you. Your brakes will not perform at peak efficiency when they are wet. You will not be able to turn as sharp without the danger of slipping. You must also ride away from or be cautious around painted lines, potholes, sewer or drain grates, railroad crossings, bridges, wet leaves and any other area with a slippery surface or wet terrain.

Some e-Bikes can reach speeds in excess of 50 mph. Our models comply with the Federal speed limit of 20 mph which makes them legal to use on roads in all 50 states.

Our e-Bikes are road legal in all 50 US states and do not require any special license or registration for use. Please check with your local government as they may have their own local regulations in place.

Electric bikes utilize an on-board battery and electric motor
for power. Using a throttle or pedal assist system you can engage the motor and the bicycle will be propelled forward.

All Life EV models are throttle controlled. This gives you the
power of choice and does not require that you pedal. You can choose to use throttle only, pedal only, or even do both at the same time.

Most electric bicycles do not exceed 20 mph. They are as safe as a traditional bicycle. All normal safety precautions should be followed when riding any bicycle.

It costs approximately $10 a year to power your e-Bike if you commute 200 days a year. This is only pennies as compared to the same commute when using a motor vehicle.

You may visit any bike shop nationwide for service on your bike. For additional assistance you can also call us at 1-800-897-1195.

Battery FAQ

We have a downtube mounted battery system. Generally, you will find rear mounted battery systems on folding bike models and downtube battery
systems on rigid bike models. Our downtube mounted battery comes in 36 volts with a 14.25 ah battery capacity.

Our models are equipped with a high capacity 14.25Ah battery that can provide distances of up to 35 miles per charge. Total distance will vary depending on variables like rider weight, terrain and how much you pedal.

With proper maintenance and care you can expect many years of
reliable use. Our batteries can last up to 8 years.

Yes. Our models are designed to be pedaled at any time of your

Charge the battery with the charger provided with your e-Bike. Charging time vary between 4-8 hours depending on the battery capacity at the time of charging.

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