Jamboree Festive

Genesis r 400 ebike is at an park.
A boy is riding the Genesis R 400 ebike.

The Electric Jamboree

Electric Car Meetup, Custom EV Show & Festival

Life Electric Vehicles, Inc. was among 12 exhibitors at The Electric Jamboree on Sunday April 10, 2022, at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach.  The show was a festive gathering on a beautiful spring day for Florida EV enthusiasts to celebrate Drive Electric Earth Day. Exhibitors in the all-electric show included electric cars, electric bikes, electric motorcycles, e-mobility displays, solar panels, merchandise vendors, food, entertainment, and an artist alley.  Giveaways, show specials and all-around good vibes made this event a great success for all who participated.   #PeaceLoveEVs